Cloudnjava Solutions Make-Up What you need to know about Colt SAAS 1000 &SAAS Online

What you need to know about Colt SAAS 1000 &SAAS Online

The Colt SAAs 1000 and SAAS Online pistols are designed to take on the likes of the Ruger SR-25 & SR-22 & the Rugers SR9 & SR9A, but there are a few notable differences.

While the Colt SAA 1000 uses a traditional bolt-action design, the SAAS online is a bolt-only design.

While that might sound familiar, the Colt SAA grips are made from a non-slip polymer material.

It is designed to be easier to grip than the standard SAA grip.

The SAAS 2000 pistol is also a bolt action, and its magazine release lever is located on the right side of the trigger.

Both are made of a polymer material and come with an ambidextrous charging handle.

Both are also available in Colt SAUS grips, but the SAUS 1000 uses the SAUSA logo instead of the Colt’s.

The company will also sell a Colt SAOS grips on its website.

Colt SAASS 1000S &SAASS OnlineS&SAASS online pistols will retail for $1,199.99 and the SAASS 2000 for $899.99.