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Why you can’t get rid of your home, but you can get rid and replace it with a brand new one

Posted by News Channel 5 on Wednesday, June 29, 2019 13:33:06Homeownership is an enduring American story, a symbol of our American ingenuity, ingenuity and resilience.

In this country, we built our cities, our bridges, our schools, our roads, our hospitals, our jails and our hospitals.

We built the nation and our future on the principle that each of us is our own keeper of the sacred and sacredly cherished American idea that each person, no matter where they come from, should have a fair chance to live in a country where they can thrive and prosper.

In our democratic society, each citizen is equal before the law.

And each of our citizens is entitled to equal protection under the law, regardless of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or national origin.

Homeowners are a special group, in part because their rights are so protected in our nation.

Homeownership has been the foundation of our democracy for more than a century.

Home ownership has provided more than 70 percent of the gains in the last 50 years, according to a study by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a leading nonprofit representing more than 1,000 mortgage servicers.

Home owners have been the cornerstone of the economic prosperity of our country for more a century than we can count.

In that time, we’ve had more than 4 million homeowners.

And today, more than 3.2 million Americans own their homes.

Home prices are down about 10 percent annually in the past decade.

They’ve fallen by about 20 percent each year since 2007.

The housing market is the fastest-growing sector in the U.S. economy, but there’s more to it than that.

Home values are rising, and it’s helping drive job creation.

A recent study by Trulia found that while home values have been climbing, construction jobs are also increasing.

The National Association for Realtor’s (NARA) National Housing Index shows that home values are up about 40 percent annually since 2008.

In a nation that’s home to the largest concentration of wealth in the world, our economy is not immune to the forces of change that will cause some people to feel a sense of urgency to move to new places and to sell their homes in order to keep their assets intact.

That’s why, in this election, it’s so important for voters to hear from the voices of homeowners.

In this election year, we are hearing from many Americans who are wondering if they can maintain their current home and where to move.

They are concerned about their ability to maintain their home, and they’re also concerned about what the future holds.

And they’re worried about what’s coming next.

The reality is, our country is changing, and our economy will not keep up.

This is no longer a time for worry about how to keep up with the times, but a time to look to the future and the next steps we can take.

That is why this year is particularly important for homeowners.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is an essential piece of the puzzle to creating a better future for every American.

It will provide millions of Americans with access to health insurance, including more than 12 million people with employer-sponsored insurance.

The ACA will also provide tax relief to millions of people who are eligible for tax credits to purchase health insurance and help people buy homes.

The President has proposed providing $8 billion in tax relief for homebuyers.

These are the kinds of reforms that will help people keep their homes, and the Affordable Care and mortgage programs that are on the ballot this November.

They will help families keep their jobs and help us create a safer, stronger, and more prosperous future for all Americans.

Homebuyers should know that they have a lot to gain by purchasing a home and can take advantage of these important programs.

The next steps are clear.

The Affordable Care is one of the strongest pieces of legislation we’ve ever passed.

It has broad support from the American people.

So if you are an owner of a home, this is the time to buy, and you should support the President’s plans to make it easier to buy and to keep your home.

The House and Senate have the votes to pass the ACA, and we can continue to do so in Congress.

But, there is more to the bill that we need to hear, hear, and understand.

The bill also has bipartisan support.

But it must be supported by a majority of both houses of Congress and signed into law by the President.

It must also pass the House and the Senate.

This legislation will create a path to the American Dream.

It’s going to help millions of American families keep the money they have saved to invest in their homes and to make their futures better.

It is going to make the country a safer place.

It also has the support of the American taxpayers.

So when it comes to the ACA and the Home Affordable Care program