Cloudnjava Solutions Courses How to use Saas to save your company’s data?

How to use Saas to save your company’s data?

Share with your friends Tweet Share with friends You can now use Saa to save data for your business, from your phone to your website.

Here’s how to do it: Open your app’s settings.

Select Data Saving.

Select the save button.

Once saved, you can then access your data in a way that suits you.

Select a location.

You can set a location for your data to be saved to.

Tap Save to see the location.

Tap to apply the settings.

When your data is saved, a message will appear in the app saying: ‘Your data has been saved.’

Tap OK to confirm your decision.

To apply the data saving setting, tap the settings again and choose the location you want to save the data to.

Select Save to apply data saving settings.

You will see a notification saying: Your data has changed.

You may now apply your data saving options to the rest of your business.