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UnicornHro: The New Jersey Devil Is Back | The Sporting News

UnicornHros horned headband is a new item in the Devils’ lineup, and it’s a huge boost for an already-impressive backline. 

The Devils will get a pair of horns when the team gets back from the Gold Cup, and they’re expected to have them at least a week before the All-Star break. 

Hros is a nickname for the Jersey Devil.

The Devils have already had horns in their lineup for their games at Buffalo and Philadelphia. 

For the last two years, they’ve worn the horn on their helmet. 

They have not had horns on their jerseys this year, but they’re still likely to wear them, especially since the team is coming off an All-Stars victory over the Penguins. 

It will be interesting to see how the horns compare to the ones the Devils wore last year. 

There were several players who were wearing horns at the AllStar game last year, including New Jersey’s Connor McDavid, Connor Murphy, Zach Parise, Nikita Zadorov and Zach Parizek. 

At the time, I questioned the validity of using the nickname UnicornHroc as an indicator of an NHL player’s character. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

I think it’s clear from the horns that Devils players have been very accepting of the nickname, even when the Devils were playing in Europe.